Cherie Adele Baker aka "CherieGoesRock" is a multi-talented singer/songwriter/music producer/multi-instrumentalist based in Sydney, Australia.

An avid rock genre 'hopper' who creates solo - start to finish -full musical productions, whilst also creating 'catchy radio playable' tunes of pop punk, hard rock and nu-metal.

Encompassing her skills as a drummer (including double kick), bass and electric guitar, synth/piano, and vocals, Cherie enjoys having full control over every element/instrument in her songwriting and production process. 

As an empath who 'feels' not only within her life but also the lives of those around her, whether she knows them personally or not, Cherie has a strong underlying message within her music. And with her having endured many hardships throughout the years of her childhood to the present day she knows what it feels like to 'give up' on herself.

For many years she feared her talent.

Never shared her music.

Never played live.

Never released any of her music.

She let her fear of success drown her desire to pursue music for way too long!

That is... until now.

Her deepest desire is to share her musical journey so others can find inspiration, to connect with and to find the encouragement they need, feel comfort and solace in her music and know they are NOT alone... and to enjoy her musical story-telling of course!

Cherie Adele Baker herself, has finally realised that her dream AND her life are worth fighting for.

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This song is a nu-metal, symphonic track written, performed and produced solely by Cherie Adele Baker, along with the mixing and mastering.

The production is an 'impassioned story' of her personal grief and loss, where Cherie drew from her innermost vulnerabilities. She faced and embraced her heartfelt feelings and thrust them outwards to create a musical production that draws deep from her personal experience.

A heavy yet heartfelt song that will lead the listener on their own emotional journey.

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